Mobile application and modern website for your city or village

Your own Android / Apple mobile app with PUSH notifications! Two-way data connection with an existing website and automatic synchronization. Contact us, we will prepare your application immediately, you can try it for 3 months without any strings attached!

Modular solution (news, announcements from parishes, places and monuments, suggestions of citizens, neighborhood market, surveys, delivery calendar, including automatic notifications, calendar of cultural and sporting events, etc. also on request) The application is called as your city / village!

Your own mobile app

For Android and iOS / Apple mobile devices, free to download on Google Play and the Apple Store (under the name My Village or My City) or under the name of your city / municipality.

PUSH notifications

Unlimited PUSH notifications for mobile devices, the citizens of your municipality / city will never miss any important message or event, including history and countdown days

Simplicity and intuitiveness

An application for everyone, from children to the elderly. You do not need a manual for control and administration. Clear icons. PUSH notices with the logo / coat of arms of your municipality / city.

Unbeatable price

Monthly service and support fee, including unlimited push notifications of €20. Launching the app is free! Without obligations. Quarterly non-binding trial period.

Modular solution

News, Neigborhood market, surveys, delivery calendar with automatic reminders, citizen suggestions, calendar of cultural events, weekly calendar, monuments and places of interest, parish announcements, etc. also on request.

Modular solution, cloud solution, minimum size

For administration you only need a computer or mobile phone with an Internet connection, the application itself on Google Play and Apple Store does not exceed 2MB.