iLumio system

The iLumio system is not only one solution, but a whole package of succesfully integrated improvements that turn your accomodation into the rooms of the future, and deliver an unforgettable experience to your guests. iLumio enables you to be with your guests during their whole stay and have a direct impact on the increase of sales of your facilties services. All modules can be integrated independently or combined based on your needs. The most frequent modules are iLumioTV, iLumio Valet, iLumio Concierge, iLumio Digital signage, iLumio Video Concierge and iLumio Air.

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Service features

iLumio system offers the following features:

iLumio sustav
  • iLumioTV

    Hotel TV and in-room entertainment that meets all guest needs.

  • iLumio Valet

    In-room automation control, from TV to light efects control.

  • iLumio Concierge

    A mobile application as a connection between the hotel and the guest. It enables the guest to have control of their stay in every moment, and the hotels a constant interaction with them.

  • iLumio Digital signage

    Multimedia screens under your control.

  • iLumio Video Concierge

    A personal approach to the communication with guests is enabled through video calls with the Concierge.

  • iLumio Air

    Interactive digital hotel service system that transforms an ordinary hotel TV offering only TV channels into a digital information and service center.

  • Service presentation

    My Valamar App case study

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